Our job is creating value, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for your business.

We build carefully customized software solutions, integrating Blockchain, IoT and Web technologies, with that aim in mind.

Whether you are big or small, let us help you exploring new ways of streamlining your business workflows and improving your safety.

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Who We Are

Antelion is an Information Technology services firm established in 2022 by professionals with more than a decade-long experience in complex, web-centered applications.

We are focused on the development of advanced projects integrating Blockchain, IoT and Web technologies, conceived and created together with qualified partners.

The Antelion Team

Our Services

Ask for a free consultation – we’ll tell you how to revamp your existing system or hit the market with a new solution.

IT Architecture Consulting
An holistic evaluation of your necessities from the point of view of Information Technology. The elaboration of a solution fit for your business.
Blockchain Consulting
Does a Blockchain solution fit your business ? We can analyze your case so that you can take the right decision
Blockchain Hyperledger
Full stack development of Hyperledger solutions, well fit for Industry standards compliance. Support for Hyperledger Fabric deployment
Blockchain Smart Contracts
Full stack development of Solidity Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine
Internet of Things
IoT solutions deployment complete with customized dashboards for integration into your business workflows
Web Design
Our Web Agency service offers state of the art websites for communication and SEO optimization
Fast and reliable B2B and E-commerce solutions based on popular CMSs or created from scratch for fitting your business
Web Applications
Highly tailored Web Applications for your specific needs. Professional management and support always guaranteed

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Discover our Blockchain, IoT, Web Labs. Feel free to contact us. Let’s start working towards a flawlessly accessible solution that empowers your business with new competitive potential.

Antelion di Stefano Minardi
Via Marco dell’Arpa 8/B, c/o Square Business Center, 43121 Parma (PR) – Italy
VAT Number: 02762660344

E-mail: info@antelion.com

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